In this comedic tale, Hadi Hadi Abd al-Hadi, a quintessentially lazy thirty-year-old who lives with his equally inactive father and grandfather, finds his life upended when diagnosed with a rare condition that necessitates constant movement to avoid deadly blood clots. Forced to abandon his sedentary lifestyle, Hadi embarks on a humorous journey of non-stop walking, running, and creatively staying active, with only one precious hour of rest per day. This drastic change thrusts him into hilarious scenarios as he tries to balance work, a budding love interest, and his health. Through his comedic struggles, Hadi discovers a new zest for life, learning that purpose and fulfillment can emerge from the most unexpected circumstances, transforming his once-lazy existence into one filled with meaning and action.

Ali Rabie, Aya Samaha, Karim Afifi
97 Minutes



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